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Wool Hood/ Chaperone

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Wool Hood Colors:





  • Based on contemporary artwork and extant garments
  • Elaborate dag pattern inspired by Gaston Phebus' "Book of Hunting"
  • No exterior visible machine stitching
  • Made in 100% Wool
  • Available in a diverse palette that includes jewel tones and muted colors
  • One size fits most
  • Designed to be worn as a hood or rolled up into a hat
  • Price: $79.95
Our Wool Hood in Black worn rolled up into a Chaperone over a Red Linen Cotte

About our Wool Hood 


Head-coverings were a critical component of dress in the Middle Ages. Hoods were common with men and women of all classes, and came in a wide variety of forms: long and short tailed, dagged or straight hems, either pull-over or with an open front that was buttoned or pinned closed. Only the sumptuousness of the fabric, elaborateness of the dagging, or extreme length of the tail distinguished the hood of a duke from that of a villein. Men wore their hoods alone or with a plain linen coif beneath or a hat over, while women seem to have worn the hoods alone or with a wimple. Our pullover wool hood with a long, liripipe tail and a full and intricately dagged mantle, which is certain to add flair and style to your wardrobe. The dag pattern that we chose for our hood is inspired by depictions in Gaston Phebus' Book of Hunting. More than just a hood it can be rolled up into a style of hat know as a chaperone, creating one of the most distinctive and ostentatious styles of head wear from the late middles ages.


Photo Gallery 




Burgundy Wool Hood with our Wool Cotte in Black

Wool hood worn rolled as a Chaperone with our Wool Tunic in Brown and Linen Shirt

Green Wool Hood with our Wool Cotte

Wool hood worn rolled as a Chaperone with our Wool Tunic in Brown

Wool hood worn with our Wool Tunic in Brown and Linen Shirt

Wool hood worn rolled as a Chaperone with our Wool Tunic in Brown and Linen Shirt


Photo Essay- How to roll your Wool Hood into a Chaperone Hat 


As folks who live in our historical clothes we naturally have favorites and the 15th c. hat that developed out of the Wool Dagged Hood of the late 14th c. is a staff favorite. Its crazy and expressive and it just makes you wonder what the first medieval guy was thinking when he put his hood on his head upside down and inside out! It's our bet there were some libations involved!

When shopping with us in person our customers often ask us to show them how to make their hoods in chaperones so we decide our long distance web customers also needed a visual primer to refer to. It really pretty simple, just like any new technique it just takes a little practice. Basically take your hood by the 'face opening' and start rolling it the outside. Then keep rolling until you almost can't roll in any further. At that point, you should have a nice, thick roll - this is the brim of your chaperone. Put the chaperone on your head and adjust the the dags accordingly to taste - they can go to both sides, all directions or just one to side. The dags effectively end up looking like crazy, dagged hair and flop in all directions. Other options are draping the liripipe (long tail) around the neck, tucking it into the brim or winding it around the brim. We can document the chaperone worn in all these variations. So, be bold, experiment, have fun!

Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Wool colors: Olive, Red, Blue, Dark Green


 Blue -a solid in a bright medium blue, a true jewel tone
Dark Green  -a deep, rich hunter green
Olive -a darker olive green with flecks of lighter green and grey
Red -a bright rich red


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after Gaston Phebus' Book of Hunting circa late 14th century MS francais 616 in The Bibliotethque National Paris, France Drawing after "The Travels of Sir John Mandevilleā€ circa 1357 Add. Ms. 24189 in The British Museum, London, England


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