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Talbot's Premium Medieval Kidney Pouch with Buckle

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  • Based on period examples extant and in artwork
  • Brass hardware based on extant pieces in the Strong Collection
  • An authentic way to accessorize your belt
  • Sturdily constructed and large enough to carry your essentials
  • Attractive overcast stitches finishing edges of belt loops and flap
  • Designed as a fine compromise between authenticity, function and cost by longtime expert in medieval accessories, Doug Strong of Talbots
  • Available in Black and Golden Brown
  • Approx 8" x 5" fits on a belt up to 1 1/2" wide
  • Price - $34.95

Our Kidney Pouch in Black and Golden Brown

About our Kidney Pouch 

 If “the clothes make the man” (or woman!), then the accessories make the clothes. Or at least, they help turn them into a proper outfit. In a world without pockets, the pouch was the pockets, purse and “fanny-pack” of the Middle Ages. Medieval pouches had a very specific look and were worn on the belt, itself quite distinctive, often with a dagger or small eating knife. Based on a common14th and 15th century design, the brass fittings on the pouch are taken directly from originals in the Strong Collection. Sturdily constructed and large enough to carry your essentials, this pouch is the perfect way to practically and discretely carry your wallet and modern necessities, while accessorizing your belt with a piece of kit that's as “close to the original” as we could make it.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after Livre de la Chasse or, Gaston Phebus' Book of Hunting circa late 14th century MS francais 616 fol. 40 in The Bibliotethque National Paris, France Detail from fresco of the Life of Jesus in the Collegiata Santa Maria Assunta of circa 1340 by Lippo Memmi in San Gimignano, Italy
Detail from the fresco by Domenico di Bartolo and Lorenzo di Pietro in the Hospital of Santa Maria della scala in Sienna, Italy circa 1444 Illustration from the Romance of Alexander French, 1338-44 in the British Museum London, England


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