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Sock Hat

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Sock Hat Colors:




  • Available in a selection of natural and jewel tones
  • Coordinates with our other wool items
  • 100% wool with cotton lining
  • No visible machine stitching
  • One size fits most - fits up 23 3/4"
  • Wool Colors: Black, Dark Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Oatmeal, Burgundy, Blue Tweed, Olive or Charcoal
  • Price - $54.95

About our Sock Hat

Fifteenth century fashion is nothing, if not dramatic, and a part of that drama comes from the panoply of headgear worn by both sexes throughout the period. We've chosen four different styles for our men's line that run the gamut from practical to outright outlandish; The Stuffed Chaperone, The Italianate Hat, The Acorn Hat and The Sock Hat. Our simplest 15th c. hat style is the Sock Hat  which was particularly popular with soldiers in the third quarter of the century. A simple, long-tailed cap, this cap and scarf in one was the perfect way to stay warm while on garrison duty or a long march. You can change the look and the fit by how much of it you roll up (the more you roll it, the bigger the roll, the tighter it will fit).

Blue Tweed Sock Hat worn with a Brown/ Black Tweed Wool Cotte

Three views of our Burgundy Wool Sock Hat worn with a Brown/ Black Tweed Wool Cotte.


Wool Colors: Royal Blue, Dark Green, Burnt Orange, Oatmeal,
Blue Tweed, Charcoal Grey, Burgundy, Olive, Brown Tweed

Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.

Oatmeal - a natural heather in an un-dyed look
Dark Green - a solid in a deep, bright forest green
Burgundy - a solid rich, bright jewel tone
Royal Blue - a solid in a bright medium blue, a true jewel tone
Charcoal Grey - a dark heathered grey
Blue Tweed - a medium blue with flecks of lighter and darker blue
Brown Tweed - a medium brown with flecks of burgundy and gold
Burnt Orange- a rich, mottled orange with flecks of darker brown
Olive- a rich olive green


drawing after detail from a fresco by Andrea del Castagno in the Villa Carducci in Legnaia, Florence, Italy, c 1450
drawing after fresco by Piero Della Francesca of the Legand of the Cross in the choir chapel in San Francesco, Prezzo, Italy circa 1447
drawing after fresco by Giotto of a Simple Man Honors Saint Francis in the church of San Francesco, Italy circa 1300



 drawing after wall painting by circle of Giacomo Jacuerio in the Great Hall of Castello di Manto in Piedmont, Italy circa 1411   drawing after detail of fresco by Lorenzo Salimbeni and Jalopo Salimbeni in the Ocatory of San Giovanni Battista, circa 1416   drawing after wall painting by unknown painter in the Eagle's Tower in the Castello del Buon Coniglio in Trent, Italy circa 1406
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