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SIMPLE Linen Arming Clothes with Underwear Wardrobe

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Our Linen Arming Clothes Special is available in three separate variations. The Premium Arming Clothes Special includes all arming clothes, medieval underwear, leather kidney pouch, simple belt and buckled ankle boots clothing you in authentic style from head to toe. Our Accessorized Arming Clothes Special includes the kidney pouch and simple belt. Finally, our Simple Arming Clothes Special has clothes items only, no leather accessories. Please see individual clothing pages for sizing information on each piece, color swatches and historical reference.





Regular Retail w/o leather goods= $692.00
Special Price w/o leather goods= $634.95- a savings of $56!


Gambeson and Pourpoint in Dark Red, with Braies, Shirt, and Chauses (Arming Coif not shown)

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