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Silk Double Wrap Belt

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Double Wrap Belt Colors & Sizes:





  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Style designed to flatter waist and hips
  • Available in 3 sizes for customized fit
  • Trimmed with gold satin cord and tassels the coordinate with all color palettes
  • No visible machine stitching with the exception of eyelets for lacing
  • Looks great worn with Stomacher or on its own
  • Coordinates with all colors of our pleated bliaut and pendant sleeve gowns
  • Double Wrapped Belt is reversible so you get two distinct looks for one low price
  • Available in Black/Green, Red/Black, Green/Blue, Olive/Oatmeal, Golden Brown/Dark Brown, Blue/Red, Purple/Black
  • Price - $49.95
Blue Bliaut worn with Silk Stomacher in Golden Brown, Silk Double Wrap Belt in Red/Black, Rectangular Veil and Tapestry Turret Hat

About our 12th Century Double Wrap Belt 


The lady's equivalent to the knightly, double-wrapped belt, this broad, form-enhancing girdle is the quintessential fashion accessory for a “High Medieval” ensemble. Made in completely reversible raw silk and interlined with stiffener to keep shape.


Photo Gallery 


Burgundy and Dark Green Bliaut worn with Silk Stomacher in Green, Silk Double Wrap Belt in Oatmeal, Rectangular Veil and Tapestry Turret Hat

Purple and Blue Bliaut worn with Silk Stomacher in Blue, Silk Double Wrap Belt in Purple/Black, Wimple, Rectangular Veil and Tapestry Turret Hat


Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Color Combinations: Red/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red, Purple/Black, Green/Blue, Olive/Oatmeal and Golden Brown/Dark Brown


Red -a darker red with rust undertones
Green -a rich, bright jewel tone
Blue -a brilliant bright blue
Purple -a deep rich purple
Oatmeal -a natural color, similar to the color of undyed fabric
Golden Brown -a rich, darker gold
Olive Green -a medium, softer green
Dark Brown -a rich reddish brown that has a burgundy cast to it


Size Chart 


Size Double Wrap Belt Lengths
Small 59" / 149cm Long
Medium 72" / 183cm Long
Large 92" / 233cm Long

Note: In our women's clothes we've abandoned 'standard', modern sizing because it is far from standard, and tends to cause more confusion than provide accurate information. So, please judge your size by your chest and waist measurements. We do not give hip measurements because the gown flares dramatically at the hip and is so generously sized there that fit is not an issue at that point. A range of fit is given for each size because the lacings and placket in the back start at the top and extend to below the hip providing flexibility within each size as well as a near perfect fit to each individual within that size range. The gowns run long with a small train so that you can wear them in the authentic fashion of the period - trailing along the ground or hem it to your desired length.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after sculpture from Bourge Cathedral, circa 12th century in Bourge, France Drawing after the Effigy of Queen Clotilda, circa 12th century in Corbeil Drawing after column sculpture on the portal of Chartres Cathedral, circa the 2nd half of the 12th century in Chartres, France

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