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Renaissance Fencing Doublet

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  • Based on historical patterns and practical use requirements
  • Designed with the feedback of several Western Martial Arts researchers
  • Made of 100% 18 oz. heavy weight cotton
  • Double layers on front, neck and armpit pass SCA rapier punch test
  • Off-set, hidden zipper closure in front provides finished look and complete coverage
  • Flexible, hidden velcro closure at neck for comfort and that perfect fit
  • Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors - Black, and Dark Green
  • Price reg. $199.95

Our Fencing Doublet worn with our Simple Hose and Premium Knee Boots

About our Renaissance Fencing Doublet 

We are pleased to add to our Western Martial Arts and Historical European Swordsmanship line with a fencing doublet designed specifically for the modern duelist!

Adapted from period designs, the Revival Fencing Doublet maintains the silhouette and principle design elements of a simple 16th century doublet, combined with the best elements of a modern fencing jacket with a specific eye towards durability, affordability and safety. The fitted body, padded shoulder roll, V-shaped hem and a high collar gives the doublet an historical line and feel, but it is made out of heavy weight 18oz 100% cotton duck, providing great durability while remaining light-weight and breathing well - crucial for a long day of fighting. The double layers in the front and neck reinforced armhole seams add to the doublet's durability, and provide superior resistance to tearing under strain. Blade penetration is made all but impossible with an offset, left side closure that zips shut with a hidden zipper, closing with velcro at the neck.

While no manufacturer can guarrantee a martial arts product against any and all uses, our Fencing Doublet was specifically designed to meet the closure and punch-penetration tests used by the SCA - the largest, and one of the most safety conscious, organizations for rapier and cut-and-thrust fencing.

As a modern martial arts garment, we believe our fencing doublet compares favorably with other fencing jackets, while maintaining enough period aesthetics to serve as a basic “historically-based” training uniform, especially if worn with our 15th century hose or simple hose and knee boots (as shown). Our Fencing Doublet is available in sizes small, medium, large and XL in black, and dark green.

Photo Gallery 

Three views of our Fencing Doublet worn with our Simple Hose and Premium Knee Boots

Colors and Fabrics 

Cotton colors: Dark Green and Black


Dark Green -a deep forest green

Size Chart 

Size Chest Measurement Waist Measurement
Small 40"/ 101 cm 34"/ 86 cm/
Medium 46"/ 117 cm 38"/ 96 cm
Large 50"/ 127 cm 42"/ 106 cm
Extra Large 56"/ 142 cm 46"/ 117 cm


NOTE: Revival Clothing neither guarantees nor warrants our clothing for any combat or martial arts related use, since we cannot know how an individual will use the garment or what kind of equipment it will be used in conjunction with. As such, all Revival Clothing products are intended for costume use only.

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