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Mens Wool Brimmed Cap

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Mens Wool Brimmed Cap Colors:





  • Available in a selection of natural and jewel tones
  • A classic style appropriate for several time periods
  • Coordinates with our other wool items
  • 100% wool with cotton lining
  • No visible machine stitching
  • One size fits most - fits up 23 3/4"
  • Price - $44.95
Wool Brimmed Cap in Burgundy shown worn with our Wool Cotte in Burgundy

About our Brimmed Cap 


Head-coverings were a critical component of dress in the Middle Ages. Hats were common with men and women of all classes, and came in a wide variety of forms, and made of a wide variety of materials. Men wore their hats alone or over a hood or coif. Our men's hats are based on a pattern that dates from circa 1315 to 1440 and is such a universal style that it is appropriate from the Late 13th century into the early Renaissance.


Photo Gallery 



Top Left: Wool Cap in Blue Tweed worn with a Linen Hood in Purple
Top Right: Wool Cap in Brown Tweed worn with Wool Hood in Burnt Orange
Bottom Left: Wool Cap in Black worn with a Reversible Silk Hood
Bottom Right: Wool Cap in Charcoal worn with a Linen Hood in Light Blue


Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Wool colors: Brown Tweed, Oatmeal, Olive, Burgundy, Red, Blue, Dark Green, Blue Tweed


Burgundy -a solid rich jewel tone
Olive Green -a rich olive green
Blue Tweed -a medium blue with flecks of lighter and darker blue
Brown Tweed -a medium brown with flecks of burgundy and gold
Oatmeal -a natural heather in an undyed look
Blue -a solid in a bright medium blue, a true jewel tone 
Dark Green  -a deep, rich hunter green
Red -a bright rich red


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after a detail of an illuminated MS 738 fol. 312 circa 1400 in the Bibliotheque National, Paris, France Drawing after a detail of statue of Thietmar circa 1300 in Naumburg Cathedral, Naumburg, Germany Drawing after a brass of Robert Braunche circa 1364 in The Church of St. Margaret with St. Nicholas King's Lynn, Norfolk, England
Drawing after a fragment of an extant hat from an archeological excavation at Baynard's Castle, London circa the 2nd quarter of the 14th century Drawing after The Poems of Piers the Ploughman circa 1377 in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, England Drawing after a detail of an illuminated MS fr. 364 fol. 197r. circa 1315 in the Bibliotheque National, Paris, France
Drawing after a detail in the Lutrell Psalter circa 1340 British Museum, London, England Drawing after a detail from a 15th century MS in The British Museum, London, England Drawing after an embroidery on the Reliquary of St. Martin circa 1440 in the Musee Historique des Tissus, Lyons, France


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