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Women's Plain Fillet

Price:: $9.95





  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Made in 100% Linen
  • One size fits most
  • Size is to be completely adjustable and meant to be closed with a pin
  • Fillet can be worn with Barbette and Veils Pins alone or to secure veils
  • Color: White
  • Price: $9.95

Our Plain Fillet worn with a Barbette

About our Plain Fillet 


Head-coverings were a critical component of dress in the Middle Ages. Hats were common with men and women of all classes, and came in a wide variety of forms, and made of a wide variety of materials. Men wore their hats alone or over a hood or coif, while women seem to have worn theirs either alone, over a simple veil, or over a full veil and wimple.  Our plain fillet is one size, meant to be closed by pinning and is best secured to head when worn horizontally with a Barbette using Veil Pins. The Plain Fillet is a great foundation for securing a variety of headwear such as Veils, Flemish Hoods, Henins and more.


Photo Gallery 



Three views of our Plain Fillet worn with a Barbette


Colors and Fabrics 


Available in white only.


Size Chart 


One Size fits most.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing from the Manesse Codex circa 1305-1340 in Heidelberg University Library, no. 848, Heidelberg, Germany Drawing after a detail in the Hockham Bible MS Add.47682, f.6 circa 14th century in the British Library, London, England Drawing after a detail in the Cathedral Treasure circa 1300 Minden, Germany


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