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Made to order in Silk and Wool! 14th Century Backlaced Gown

Price:: From $229.95 to $269.95


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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • No visible machine stitching with the exception of lacing holes
  • Available as made to order Silk and Wool only
  • All interior seams enclosed or finished
  • Back laced closure allows for near perfect fit
  • Comes in five sizes to accommodate most body types
  • Size 6 available as a custom order for $269.95
  • Made to order only- allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
  • Also see our in stock Linen Backlace Gown
  • See our Fabric Selection page for available options
  • Select your size and fabric choice from the drop down menu and write in your color choice in the comments box during checkout
  • Price: Silk $229.95, Wool $249.95
Our Linen Backlaced Gown in White worn with a Barbette and Linen Oval Veil

About our Back-laced Gown 


In the 14th century clothing moved away from simple variants of the tunic towards sleek, elegant lines that emphasized the human form. The basic woman's gown of this era is elegant simplicity, naturally following the contours of the body, with a wide neckline - the height of 1300s daring! Our gown is based on contemporary artwork. We have retained all of the classic elements of the historical design: fitted sleeves extending down unto the hand, full skirts, and a wide, rounded neckline. The skirts run long with a small train so that you can wear them in the authentic fashion of the nobility - trailing along the ground - or you can hem it to your desired length. As was done in the 14th century, this gown can be worn alone, over an underdress or chemise or beneath a sideless surcoat or houpelande.

Since ladies are rarely depicted from behind in illuminations, the exact closure method for these gowns is unknown. We have chosen to use a simple, back-lacing method that was common in both earlier and later centuries. A range of fit is given for each size because the lacings and placket in the back start at the top and extend to below the hip, providing flexibility within each size as well a near perfect fit to each individual within that size range. The placket is designed so that, no matter how tight or how loose the dress is laced, you are always completely covered. Our gowns are available in both linen - the ubiquitous fabric of medieval Europe - and raw silk for the lady of high fashion.


Photo Gallery 


(Upper Left) White Linen Backlace Gown worn with Brass Plaque Belt, Red Linen Hood (customized), Barbette, and Tapestry Turret Hat (Center & Bottom Right) Soft Gold Linen Backlaced Gown worn with a Wimple, Rose Linen Hood, and Tapestry Pouch.

Clockwise from top left: Gown in Dark Red Linen paired with the Dark Red Linen Men's Cotte, Soft Gold Linen Chauses, Tie Garters and Black Wool Hood rolled up into a Chaperone style hat, Gown in Soft Gold Linen with closeup, a sideview of the Dark Red Linen Gown, and two Linen Gowns accessorized with custom surcoats


Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


 Silk Fabric

Red, Black, Green, Blue, Purple,
Periwinkle, Golden Brown, Olive, Dark Brown


Wool Fabric

Burgundy Tweed, Black/ White Tweed, Brown Tweed, Solid Brown, Oatmeal, Olive,
Navy, Pine Green, Red, Blue, Dark Green, Rust


Black/ White Tweed -a white and black herringbone twill 
Brown Tweed -a rich brown with flecks of gold and burgundy 
Solid Brown -a chocolate brown basket weave 
Blue -a true rich royal blue 
Burgundy Tweed -a deep wine color with flecks of Gold and Green
Rust- a medium burgundy, brick red color
Pine Green- a dark green with a bluish tint
Navy- a dark midnight blue 
Oatmeal -a natural heather in an un-dyed look
Olive -a solid in a deep, olive green


Size Chart 


Size Bust Measurement Waist Measurement
2 32-36" / 81-91cm 26-30" / 66-76cm
3 36-40" / 91-102cm 32-36" / 81- 91cm
4 44-48" / 112-121cm 38-42" / 96-106cm
5 48-52" / 122-132cm 44-48" / 112-121cm
6 52-56" / 132- 142cm 48-52" / 122-132cm

Note: In our women's clothes we've abandoned 'standard', modern sizing because it is far from standard, and tends to cause more confusion than provide accurate information. So, please judge your size by your chest and waist measurements. We do not give hip measurements because the gown flares dramatically at the hip and is so generously sized there that fit is not an issue at that point. A range of fit is given for each size because the lacings and placket in the back start at the top and extend to below the hip providing flexibility within each size as well as a near perfect fit to each individual within that size range. The gowns run long with a small train so that you can wear them in the authentic fashion of the period - trailing along the ground or hem it to your desired length.

Size 6 is available as a custom order only. Current color options can vary so please see our Fabric Selection page to find out our fabric availability. The custom order price for size 6 is $269.95.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after a detail of the “Book of Hours for Franciscan Use” circa late 14th century in The Bibliotheque National, Paris, France Drawing after the Hours of Milan circa 1380 Drawing after the effigy of Lady Burton circa 1382 in The Little Casterton Church,Rutlandshire, England
Drawing after the Tacuinum Sanitatis   Drawing after The Viconti Hours circa 1390 in The National Library, Florence , Italy


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