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15th Century Mens Linen Houppelande

Price:: $199.95


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Linen Houpplelande Sizes and Colors:





  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Made of 100% Linen
  • Available in striking combinations either solid or with contrast sleeve hem and collar
  • Also available made to order in Wool for $239.95
  • No visible machine stitching
  • All interior seams finished
  • One size fits most
  • Colors: Black, Gold, Burgundy, Blue and Dark Green
  • Price: Linen $199.95
A back view of our Mens Houppelande in Burgundy worn with our Chaperone Hat, Decorated Belt, Joined Hose and Knee Boots

About our Men's 15th Century Houppelande 


In the waning decades of the 14th century, a new style of men’s and women’s fashion evolved as a direct contrast to the sleek, fitted cotehardie. This was sumptuous gown called the houppelande, and while in any ways a return to the long, elegant surcoat, dalmatic or “gown”, it combined the voluminous, “angel-wing” sleeves of the 12th century, previously seen only in women’s fashions, combined with the close-fitting, high collar of the late-14th century cotte. The flowing body of the houppelande was pleated and gathered in at the waist and cinctured with a narrow belt.

The houppelande continued to evolve throughout the 1400s, and developed a rather unique and exaggerated silhouette by the 1470s. We have chosen to reproduce an earlier style of garment that reflects an earlier, more natural style fashionable amongst nobles, courtiers and wealthy burghers at the start of the 15th century. Based on the beautiful examples in the Tres Riche Houres of the Duc de Berry, this style had a broad, international appeal, and can be found throughout England, France, northern Italy and the Holy Roman Empire.

The 14th century saw a cooling of the Earth’s climate, and this is reflected in the fashions that developed over the next two-hundred years. Houppelandes were often made of sumptuous fabrics such as felted wool and silk velvet, lined and edged in contrasting colors. It was usually worn over a cotehardie. Our first example is and is made of rich linen with a contrasting collar. Kept unlined for the hot summer months, the sleeves are trimmed in the same contrasting colors. A perfect garment to personalize by embroidering or block printing for that perfect, Duc de Berry look!

Read more about the 15th century in our Pen of History article here!


Photo Gallery 


Our Womens Linen Houppelande in Burgundy worn with a black Linen Kirtle and our Mens Houppelande worn with Knee Boots, Joined Hose, Decorated Belt and Chaperone Hat

Everybody knows about you guys!You folks are one of the west's authorities on 12th to 15th century garments! You folks are amazing!Customer service extrordinaire! I am telling everyone at knights about you guys!
Anyway.....thanks again....we will be doing lots of business together in the future.Cheers!
Daniel MacMullin
Alberta, CA

Our Mens Houppelande worn with Knee Boots, Joined Hose, Decorated Belt and Italianate Hat

Recently my wife ordered for me the green wool hood/chaperone.  WE both love it.  It fits and looks great!  I am a BIG guy at 6' 5" tall and it looks appropriate.  It was a pleasure to deal to do business with you and we will order again.  I am definately interested in upcoming 15C. clothing and  I am hoping you will offer them in bigger sizes.

Thanks again,

Randy Cieszynski
Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA


Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Linen colors: Blue, Dark Green, Burgundy, Gold, Black


Burgundy -a darker, rich red in the wine family
Gold -a bright natural gold
Dark Green -a rich forest green
Blue -a rich royal blue


Size Chart 


Size Max. Chest Measurement
One Size Fits Most 58"

Note: Sizing on our Mens Houpplelande is judged by chest size because it is meant to fit loosely in the waist and to be worn with a belt to complete the shape and look (as shown in our photos).


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