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Medieval Wrestling Jacket

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  • Based on historical patterns and practical use requirements
  • Designed with the feedback of several Western Martial Arts researchers
  • Engineered for comfort and durability and to facilitate a number of holds, chokes or throws without putting undo wear on practitioners clothing
  • Made of 100% 18 oz. heavy weight cotton
  • Closes with recessed durable cotton webbing ties and includes a Port-piece' (a period term for the front modesty panel) in front provides finished look and complete coverage
  • Constructed with triple stitched flat-fold seams for added strength
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Available in Black, Red, Royal Blue and Dark Green
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  • Price:  $159.95
A back view of our Wrestling Jacket in blue worn with our Simple Hose, and Knee Boots.

About our Wrestling Jacket 

The interest in medieval and Renaissance Western Martial Arts (WMAs) has grown dramatically over the last decade. Dozens of manuscripts and printed books survive from the period 1300- 1600, detailing the historical use of a wide variety of weapons, wielded in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback. Wrestling with and without weapons is a key component of these martial arts.

Medieval Wrestling was what is termed “jacket wrestling” in the martial arts community, meaning that the opponent's doublet or gambeson could be used to facilitate a number of holds, chokes or throws. Jacket wrestling is extremely taxing on the combatant's clothing, which is why modern martial arts often used specialized clothing such as a judo gi or sambo kurtka. These garments maintain the general form of traditional clothing, while having been specifically designed for durability. For several years our friends and customers in the WMA community have asked us if could design something a similar garment for medieval martial artists that would have basic shape and fit of a late medieval garment, while having the strength required for grappling. After a great deal of thought, and a little trial and error, we think we have done just that!


Photo Gallery 

Three views of our cotton Wrestling Jacket in action worn with our Simple Hose, and Knee Boots.



Our Wrestling Jacket in Dark Green worn with Simple Hose and Tie Ankle Boots


Colors and Fabrics 



 Cotton colors: Red, Dark Green and Blue


Red -a bright true red
Dark Green -a deep forest green
Blue -a bright royal blue


Size Chart 

Size Chest Measurement Waist Measurement
Small 35" - 41"/ 92cm - 107cm 31"- 37"/ 84cm - 99cm
Medium 38" - 44"/ 96cm - 112cm 36"- 42"/ 91cm -107cm
Large 40" - 46"/ 101cm - 117cm 38" - 44"/ 96cm - 112cm
XLarge 46" - 52"/ 116cm - 132cm 44" - 50"/ 112cm - 127cm

Note: This chart is meant as a general reference and there is considerable leeway with garment because you can lace it to fit you exactly. Because this garment has a ' port-piece' (a period term for the front placket, also called a modesty panel in modern terms) you can lace in anywhere within the range given and you will still be completely covered. The nature of fit of a laced garment is very forgiving and will permit a good fit even if you are a bit smaller or larger than the given sizes. The smallest measurement indicates the size with the arming cotte laced to meet in the middle and the widest where the placket extend to, or the largest size it will lace to and still have the placket cover the front completely. It won't precisely lace up to meet in the middle on most people (unless you happen to be that exact size) but that is not necessary in order to fit correctly or look good. Please note that if you are on the cusp between sizes that you generally want to choose a smaller size because the garment is meant to be worn laced tightly in order to support the leg harness around the hip area. In other words, it more desirable that there be a space between the two front edges, where it laces, rather than have it be even a little loose. That way you can lace very tightly from your waist to your hips in order to keep the weight and pull of your leg harness exclusively on your lower body, which is how this garment is designed to be used. If your arming cotte is not laced very tightly around your waist and hips some of the weight of your leg harness can be distributed up to the shoulders, which greatly increases fatigue.


Our Design 



Revival Clothing neither guarantees nor warrants our clothing for any combat or martial arts related use, since we cannot know how an individual will use the garment or what kind of equipment it will be used in conjunction with. As such, all Revival Clothing products are intended for costume use only.

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