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New! Large Brass Vervelles- 25 Pack

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Vervelles are an indispensable part of any 14th century bascinet or 15th century armet. Vervelles were set into holes along the bottom edge of these helmets allowing mail to be attached. These vervelles have a 15/64 inch shank and are more accurate in size than the gigantic ones typically used by modern armourers. When riveting these I recommend placing a nail in the vervelle's opening to keep it from distorting. Packs of 25 for $35.00

NOTE: The holes in the helmet should be drilled to fit EXACTLY. There should be no slop in the hole as this will cause problems. The shank should be cut slightly longer than the thickness of the metal. Put a bar in the vervelle's opening so the piece is not crushed when you peen it.
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