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Revival Clothing dresses the cast of Lion in Winter...again!

 The Theatre of Western Springs put on a production of The Lion in Winter and choose Revival Clothing to help create the look of the show.  This fantastic play looked equally fantastic with our Supertunics, Bliauts, footwear and more!  Revival Clothing is becoming the go to store for costumers of this 12th century classic!

Revival Clothing dresses the cast of Lion in Winter

Last November, we had our first chance to dress an entire cast in Churchill Theatre's production ofThe Lion in Winter. This magnificent play, made famous in the film starring Peter O'Toole and Catherine Hepburn, takes place during an ill-fated Christmas court late in the reign of King Henry II. Director Michael C. Whitehill was so impressed by the detail and variety of our 12thcentury line that he decided to let us costume his entire cast - straight off the rack! This is the largest contribution we've made to a theatrical project, and Mr. Whitehill was nice enough to send us his cast photos to share. 


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Revival Clothing Featured in Renaissance Magazine again in 2008!

These authentic coordinating medieval outfits for Bride and Groom in 100% silk are currently featured in Renaissance Magazine's 2008 wedding issue. Her gown is backlaced for a flattering, custom fit, has a small train and comes with linen chemise, head-wear, tippets, stockings and garters. His medieval cotte and hood are completely reversible for a variety of possible looks. His outfit includes linen coif, shirt, braies, and coordinating silk chauses (leggings). Both wardrobes can be ordered with the authentic medieval accessories shown: belt, pouch and shoes for that head-to-toe medieval effect. All items come a large variety of colors and are also available in linen and wool. If you would to inquire about a custom order for your special day, or any occasion please contact us atcsr@revivalclothing.comor (708)502-1937.


Revival Clothing Featured in 2007 Renaissance Magazine's Wedding Issue!

This outfit was featured in Renaissance Magazine's 2007 wedding issue, and combines elegance and boldness in late 14 th century style! The model is wearing our back-laced gown in wine linen under a tapestry winged surcoat lined in wine velvet. The is gown has been customized with tiny period buttons running from cuff to upper arm, and trim at the hem, cuff and neckline. The surcoat is a custom design to compliment the gown. Her outfit is completed with an oval veil in teal silk which is worn with our white linen barbette. If you would to inquire about a custom order for your special day, or any occasion please contact us atcsr@revivalclothing.comor (708)502-1937.  


Revival Appointed Chief Clothiers to Their Majesties of the East

Left: Nicole and Greg kneeling before the Their Majesties
Right: The plaque presented by Their Majesties

In 2006, in the midst of the Midnight Madness rush, the herald for Their Royal Majesties of the East, Brion and Anna, called Nicole to come forward and attend Their pleasure. Queen Anna explained that it was traditional for great lords to find those artisans and craftsmen whose work was particularly pleasing to Them and to grant them an official appointment of patronage. She went on to explain that Revival's clothes, and Nicole's assistance had been a great help to Their Majesties during Their reign, and thus they were granting us just such an appointment! Nicole was presented a plaque that she proudly hung in the Revival shop for the remainder of Pennsic. We loved the period flare and &quote;magic moment&quote; that Their Majesties' gesture added to the evening, and are deeply honored that our work has so pleased Them and gained Their trust to award us this appointment.

Revival Clothing Contest Winners

Pennsic 2007

Our customer appreciation give away contest was so popular at Pennsic last year we decided to make a new annual tradition! Our contest winner wasJohn Harper of MarylandJohn came into the booth in a sharp, 16thcentury doublet that his lady had made for him, certain that there must be a mistake because, “I never win anything”.We quickly proved him wrong and our staff soon had that fine Elizabethan fellow taking a walking on the medieval side! John couldn't believe how sharp he looked in his gold linen cotte, red chausses and red hood and as we saw him later in the day happily accoutering himself with garters and pilgrim's badges from some of the other Pennsic merchants, we felt pretty certain that the 14thcentury reenactor scene may have just gained a new devotee! John is posing here with Revival Clothing owner/designer Nicole Allen.
Gulf Wars 2007
Our contest winner was Robert Eby who graciously gave his prize to his lovely wife Kelly Eby. Kelly chose our ever-popular frontlaced gown in linen in a beautiful royal blue. (L) Robert and Kelly Eby. For a late Valentines Day present, Robert gave his lady the full wardrobe he won. (R) Nicole with Kelly in her new outfit! Doesn't the blue go with her eyes? 
Pennsic 2006

Above: Winner Kaylin Duncan of Fowler, IN all dressed up and ready to go!
Below: Kaylin with Revival Clothing co-owners Jill and Nicole

As a thank-you to all of our customers, Revival Clothing announced at the start of the Pennsic War that we would hold a drawing at the stroke of midnight on Midnight Madness to give away a full wardrobe of clothing, no strings attached! Over 1500 people entered the contest and we were more than a little daunted when we stepped out of our tent at five to midnight to find a large crowd surrounding the doorway, patiently waiting. Our winner was Kaylin Duncan of Fowler, IN. Kaylin made the perfect Cinderella. Besides being a lovely, fresh-faced young lady who was brimming with excitement, she is a college student who was at her first Pennsic, wearing mostly borrowed garb. She said that she had been embarrassed to enter the contest because she couldn't afford to buy a dress. Fortunately, her friend used a little persuasive brow-beating and got her to enter, which gave us the opportunity to pull out our magic wands and let Kaylin put together the full wardrobe of her choice. She chose a blue, front-laced gown, underdress, stockings and veil. Presto-chango, and we had her in this new wardrobe, and the tunic and harem pants she wore in packed into a bag. As our Cinderella and her entourage swept off proudly into the Pennsic streets, we put away our fairy wands and smiled at just how wonderful - and happy - she looked.

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