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Paternosters were indispensable for people of all classes in the middle ages. They were used by the pious to count their daily prayers. Virtually everyone in the middle ages owned at least one. For the pious they were used as devotional tools. For the less devout they were symbols of that which they wished others to believe about them. These fine, handmade, period paternosters are absolutely accurate down to the materials used and the methods of construction. They are constructed by taking fifty handmade beads of either opaque black, red, blue, translucent red, translucent amber, translucent greeen, translucent blue, translucent purple, or clear glass (all produced by hand without the use of power tools) and strung in groups of ten spaced with handmade bone gauds (marker beads) and finished with a with a linen tassel. Please specify a color. These gauds are also produced without the benefit of power tools. The glass and bone paternoster is particularly authentic as both were extremely popular materials for use in the construction of paternosters. In fact in 1365, Magnavia, Bishop of Orvieto, a high papal official, left at his death "a cord of paternosters of glass and whitebone." $18.00
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