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Questions about Orders and Returns:

How do I place my order in person, over the phone or ask a question?

Please contact us via our customer service phone number (708) 502-1937 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm central time, USA. If you get our voicemail during that time we are on the phone with other customers. In that event, or if you call after business hours PLEASE leave a message, speaking your name and phone number slowly. We will return you call before the end of the following business day. Another option is you can email us 24/7 at and we will answer your email no later than the end of the following business day. It our mission to provide you with prompt, helpful customer service.

How long will it take me to get my order?

We ship all in stock items within 2-3 days of when an order is placed. The only exception to this is when we are away a one of the longer events and it that case there will be a notice on the front page of our webpage. If you need expedited shipping or your order to arrive by a specific date please contact us before you place your order at: customer service ( or phone (708) 502-1937, so we can be sure that we get your order to you in time for your special event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our online secure shopping cart takes all major credits cards. We also accept Paypal or Check/ Money Orders.  If you wish to pay by check please see below.

I want place an order but do not want to use a credit card - I want to pay by check or money order - how do I do this?

To pay by check/ money order please select this option from our online shopping cart during checkout.  We will reply with an order confirmation email,  including order total and instructions about where to send payment.  All checks must be received within 14 business days of placing your order, or the order will be cancelled.  Items will be shipped as soon as we receive payment.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of the date you receive your order. Only products with tags attached, in packaging, folded, laced or buttoned and in new condition can be exchanged or returned for a refund within 30 days. Please return the products well packed and send them to us via a trackable shipping method. In the case of returns there will be a 15% restocking fee. In the case of exchanges you will only be charged for additional shipping costs. In the case of an exchanges please contact us at customer service ( or phone (708) 502-1937 so that we can confirm that we have the item you desire in stock. Please send returned items to us at:

Revival Clothing
27 S. May Street
Aurora, IL 60506

...and include a note with your original order number (please note we cannot process returns without this information), if you are exchanging an item, what you would like in exchange, your personal information including email and phone number and in the case of exchanges a check in amount we quote you to cover the return shipping. See this table for return shipping charges. Please note the charges are based on the amount of the item(s) being exchanged.

Please note - customized items such as Boots and Shoes with added Vibram Soles ARE NOT eligible for return or exchange.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping is determined by the amount of your order, where your order is shipped to and what shipping method you choose. You can find a chart of shipping fees here. A note about P.O. boxes - Federal Express will not deliver to P.O. boxes, so if your address uses a P.O. box please do not choose Fed Ex as your shipping method as we will have to ship your order via USPS Priority Mail.

Where is your Size Chart?

Each product on our site has its own size chart listed on the webpage.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page past the pictures to find the size chart for each item.  For example, sizing for the Linen Kirtle can be found at the bottom of the Linen Kirtle page.  Please note, we have our own sizing system so please go by the inches given for each size and style, not just the size name.

Can I pay extra to rush my order?

Items that are on backorder, made to order or custom can take several weeks to complete.  If you need your order sooner you can pay an extra $40 rush charge to get your order to you as soon as possible, usually within 1 week.  Rush orders are only available as our schedule permits.  Contact customer service with questions regarding any rush order.

Care and Feeding of Revival Clothing:

Cotton Garments- we recommend washing in cold, separate colors, hang dry or low setting on dryer

Tapestry and Brocade Garments- dry clean only

Wool Garments- dry clean only

Silk Garments- We recommend that your silk Revival Clothing be dry cleaned so that their shape and color will be best maintained. One method that works well, but takes a little research to find, is to use a bulk dry cleaner. In general, this method is quite a bit less expensive than standard dry cleaning (usually charged by the pound instead of the piece). This type of cleaning is more affordable because they pay less attention to details like pressing - which is often unnecessary - usually most of the wrinkles in your garb will come out when hung up. If you would rather wash them at home we recommend using the gentle cycle and use Woolite's special detergent for dark colors (to reduce fading and bleeding) with cold water in the gentle cycle in the washer and hang dry. While this is the best at home cleaning option it will produce more fading and wear and tear on the clothes over time than dry cleaning.

Linen Civilian Clothes- while our civilian linen garments are machine washable in cold water (separate colors and expect a small amount of shrinkage) washing and drying by machine is very hard on clothing. Linen is a very strong but brittle fiber and repeated machine drying will weaken the cloth. Every time you clean off the lint screen on your dryer those are bits of your clothes that have been worn away during the process. So, repeated machine drying will weaken the cloth and everyone is familiar with how color fades in the washer . So using this method of cleaning you can expect a fair amount of fading and wear and tear on your garb over time in that it will hold its shape less well with age. Your linen clothes will last longer if you choose to dry clean them or at least hang them to dry and avoid machine drying.

Linen Arming Clothes- linen gambesons, pourpoints and arming cap need to be dry cleaned. These items a constructed in a very detailed manner, with padding and quilting and machine washing and drying will break down the linen fibers and wear out the garment prematurely.

Note on Washing Gowns- because of the yards of Fabric in each of our gowns we do not recommend machine washing them as this can affect how they hang and cause them to loose their shape over time.


Questions about Arming Clothes:

Why don't your gambesons include arming points?

When we first introduced our gambesons we included pre sew-on points but we found that everyone needs the point positioned specific to how the garments fits and the design of their particular armor. Since this needs to be customized to an individual we now leave the placing of points up to the customer. We do recommend that if you wish to attache them that you do so by stichin a small square of leather to the gambeson, over the point - stitching around the edge and through the center in an 'X' pattern.

Why do you offer a garment separate from your Gambeson - the Pourpoint or arming vest to support leg harness?

In fact we are not sure how leg harness was supported. Both illustrations and existing garments leave this question open to debate. We did quite a bit of protoyping a gambeson that also supported leg harness by pointing and we did not arrive at a satisfactory solution. We had much better fitting, more comfortable results from a separate garment based on illusrtations from the early 15th c. - our pourpoint, or arming vest.

My gambeson sleeves are kind of long - why is that?

The sleeve length on your gambeson will vary based on you shoulder width and arm length, but in general the sleeves on the gambeson are very generous. On an average person the sleeve should go down past the wrist to about the middle of the back of the hand. This length is based on the historical models and serves a few useful purposes. The longer sleeve adds extra padding to the wrist area. If you wear vambraces over your gambeson it also helps protect your wrist from the end of the vambrace and keeps it from biting into the wrist, especially when you turn the gambeson sleeve back over the end of your vambrace. We've included a button at the wrist so you can also roll the sleeve back for this reason and in order to accommodate a shorter arm lengths.

Washing Instructions for Linen Arming Clothes

Linen gambesons, pourpoints and arming caps need to be dry cleaned. These items a constructed in a very detailed manner, with padding and quilting and machine washing and drying will break down the linen fibers and wear our the garments prematurely.

A word about our historically based styles and 'authentic' patterns...

Because there are very few surviving examples of medieval clothing our work must of necessity be interpretive. Working from museum fragments, illuminations, paintings, and written references we strive to combine elements common to a given style into a new garment that could be representative of the period while also being affordable and resulting in a good fit. At the bottom of each catalog page is a selection of references we used in designing that style. When we have altered a design for reasons of fit, cost or function, these elements are noted in the text on the catalog page for each of our designs. Finally, we test each piece for function, durability and comfort.


Custom Designs:

Do you do custom design work?

Yes, we occasionally take on custom commissions. Please contact customer service with the details of what you are interested in having made.

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