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Customer Photos from Pennsic 2012

Pennsic 2012 contest winner

Our annual drawing winner at this years Pennsic. Every year we give away a substantial gift certificate to those who stop by our shop at Pennsic to register. This year, Lois, chose to spend it on a whole bunch of ladies headwear. Congratulations Lois!

Staff Photo from Pennsic 2012

Customer Photos from Gulf Wars 2012

Customer Photos from Pennsic 2011

Customer Photos from Gulf Wars 2010

Customer Photos from Pennsic 2009




Customer Photos from Pennsic 2008
We have a new record for customers stopping by to show of their Revival Clothing and as result we got more great photos of you guys than ever before! Thank you for another record breaking year! You guys look great!
Customer Photos from Gulf Wars 2008


Customer Photos from Pennsic 2007

We didn't get didn't get as many photos this year despite the droves of you who shopped with us due to the extremely inclement weather. But those of you we did see all dressed up were looking sharp! Of particular note are the gents showing off their new Agincourt Arming Cottes both with and without harness and in the far lower left hand corner long time customer Andrew Lowry SCA THL Richard Larmer of Toronto, Canada modeling his cotton gambeson from our original batch introduced over 5 years ago - its battered and worn, but still going!
Customer Photos from Pennsic 2006

Customer Photos from Pennsic 2005

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