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Cotton Joined Hose

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Cotton Joined Hose Colors and Sizes:





  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • No visible machine stitching with the exception of lace holes
  • Also available- points with metal tips
  • All interior seams finished
  • Made in Cotton knit - Also available in Black Wool knit
  • Superior stretch allows perfect fit for all body types
  • Available in a medieval palette of jewel tones
  • Reenforced waistband can be worn pointed to Doublet or on its own, not pointed to Doublet
  • Fully functional codpiece
  • Available in Black, Blue, Dark Green, Gold, Olive, Dark Blue, and Burgundy
  • Available in 2 sizes: SM/ MD and L/ XL
  • Flattering and authentic fit
  • Limited Edition Particolored Hose!
  • Price $114.95

A back view of our Black Wool Joined Hose

About our Men's Joined Hose 


Men's Joined Hose:
As the cotehardie grew increasingly shorter and tighter, slowly evolving into the doublet, more of the braies and chauses were revealed. The end result was that the chausses grew to cover the cotte's retreat, culminating in fully joined hose. This new garment followed the fashion for fitted garments, and pointed directly to the doublet. This, of course, added its own interesting challenges for performing the “necessaries”, and thus the 15th century saw the introduction of another new element in men's fashion - the codpiece.

Woolen Hose:
Wool was the preferred fabric for these hose, or “hosen”, and was used in different weights and weaves, to accommodate the different seasons. We have replicated our hose in a robust, mid-weight, wool knit that you should find comfortable in most weather. The material is heavy and fitted enough to allow the hose to remain up without pointing, when you remove the doublet on hot days. In keeping with the 15th century aesthetic of smooth, shapely limbs, you will find that the hose accentuate the contours of the leg, while giving a flowing, athletic look. Whether you are built like a power-lifter or a distance runner, you will be surprised at how these hose will emphasize all of the right things, and turn more than a few ladies' heads admiringly. (And maybe a few disapproving Churchmen's heads as well, but really, isn't all that feminine attention worth a little scandal?)

Cotton Hose:
While the elasticity, durability and wide variety of textures and weights made wool the fabric of choice for period hose, we realize that many modern customers are extremely temperature sensitive or have wool allergies. For our re-enactor or theatre customers for whom comfort or ease of care outweighs concerns of authenticity, we are also offering our joined hose in knit cotton (5% lycra). The cotton closely replicates the fit of the wool hose, but is much lighter-weight, and is available in a variety of colors.

Wool or Cotton: Which Should I Chose?
If you can't decide which fabric will better fit your needs, are a few guidelines. If your first concern is authenticity, there is no choice at all; you need the woolen hose! Likewise, if you have problems wearing wool, then you will need to sacrifice a little authenticity and chose from our cotton selections. If you fall anywhere in between those two spectrums, our advice is to chose a woolen pair for your top-end kit, and have a pair or two of brightly colored cotton hose available for those scorching hot, summer days! (Remember, the 15th century was part of the “Little Ice Age”, the 21st century is not!)


Photo Gallery 



Three views of our Cotton Joined Hose in Dark Blue worn with our Wool Doublet in Burgundy, Chaperone Hat, Decorated Belt and Knee Boots


He's wearing our Burgundy Cotton Joined Hose with a Wool Doublet in Charcoal Grey, 15th Century Linen Shirt, Ribbon Garters, and Turnshoes She's wearing our Linen Frontlaced Gown in Sage with White Linen Underdress, Black Linen Half Sleeves and Silk Organza Veil

He's wearing our Cotton Joined Hose in Sage Green with Dark Green Wool Doublet, 15th Century Linen Shirt, Ribbon Garters, and Black Turnshoes She's wearing our Linen Frontlaced Gown in Sage with White Linen Underdress, Black Linen Half Sleeves and Silk Organza Veil


Our Buttoned Cotehardie pattern #05 worn with
Cotton Joined Hose and Thigh High Boots

Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Wool, Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Cotton colors: Burgundy, Gold, Olive, Dark Blue, Dark Green, and Blue


Burgundy -a darker, rich red in the wine family
Gold -an slightly darker, more natural gold
Olive -a darker green in the sage family
Dark Blue -a rich. darker blue
Dark Green- a rich hunter green
Blue-  a medium bright blue


Size Chart 


Size Men's Shoe Size Waist Measurement Inseam Length
Small/ Medium 8- 11 32"- 40"/ 81- 101cm 28"- 36"/ 71- 91cm
Large/ Xlarge 9- 13 38"- 46"/ 96- 116cm 34"- 44"/ 86- 111cm

Note: Because of the extreme amount of stretch in this fabric one of these two sizes will fit most body types. This is also why each size fits such a large range of measurements


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Detail from fresco in the baptistry of Olona in Lombardy, Italy circa 1435 Detail from fresco by Fra Angelico in the chapel of Nicholas V in the Palazzo Vaticano, Vatican City, Rome Italy circa 1448


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