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Christian Tobler and Ben Schenkman fighting in our Silk Cottes, Riding Boots and Ankle Boots

Christian wears our 14th century Gambeson with plate armour

We're proud to have our products appear in Christian Tobler's new title, Fighting with the German Longsword, a training guide for practitioners of the medieval fighting art of Master Johannes Liechtenauer - the Kunst des Fechtens, or Art of Fighting.

Christian spoke about the choice of gear for this project::

“In Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship, I chose a 15th century look for the costumes and armour, given that it was translation and interpretation of a manuscript from that century. For this training book, I wanted to show armour and equipment that was more readily available to the practitioner. Many elements of 14th century armour can be purchased without the wait and expense associated with a full 15th century gothic armour harness. The Revival Gambeson is an excellent foundation for such a 14th century harness. It then followed that the look for the clothing shown in the unarmoured sequences should be in harmony with the armour, so we chose cottes and footwear from Revival to achieve the look we wanted. The rest is history...”

Ben and Christian bouting in Gambesons

Striking the Zwerchhau

The Third Half-Sword Guard

The First Spear Guard

Striking up to the face after a Krumphau

The Guard Ochs

The Zwerchhau





Christian Henry Tobler in our Mens' Silk Cotte



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