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15th century Women's Linen Turban

Price:: $29.95


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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Made in 100% Lightweight Linen
  • Turban is 16" x 86"
  • Generously sized for a custom fit
  • Color: White
  • Price: $29.95
Our Linen turban worn with a black Linen Kirtle, Blue Linen Frontlaced Gown and Decorated Belt

About our Women's Linen Turban 


“What do I do with my hair?!?” has been the anguished cry of women frustrated with a “bad hair day” or keeping their long locks out of their way while working for centuries. And, of course, in many times and places throughout the Middle Ages a married woman or lady of station was expected to keep her hair covered. While noblewomen often relied on the veil, or the veil and wimple, a far simple and more practical style developed amongst the working classes in the 13th century, and became a common fashion for the next two centuries, particularly in the Italian and German principalities and free cities. Likely developed from a practical “ad hoc” solution by bathers wishing to keep their hair dry, a long piece of linen was wrapped about the head into a tight turban, sometimes worn with a rectangular veil added over top, especially in Italy. A perfect, simple, comfortable and historical way to keep your hair out the way and in the heat of summer you can even soak it with cool water before wearing - kind of medieval air conditioning!

Directions for wrapping your turban (also see photos below)

1. Place center seam of turban over middle of forehead and let the long ends drape down your back.
2. Cross the tails at the nape of the neck.
3. Twist each tail tightly into a coiled rope.
4. Pick up each tail and cross them over the front of your head.
5. Continue wrapping the tails around your head, crossing at the front and back.
6. Tuck ends into turban. Secure with pins if necessary.
7. Practice makes perfect! Turbans take some getting used to so give it a few tries and soon you'll be a pro!


Photo Gallery 

Photo Essay: How to tie your Turban


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