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15th Century Braies

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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • No visible machine stitching with the exception of lace holes and hidden waistband
  • Made in heavyweight 100% Linen
  • Cut slim and short enough to be worn under Joined Hose
  • All interior seams finished
  • Price: $39.95

About our Men's 15th Century Braies 


The voluminous braies that had served for centuries as men's undergarments had begun shrinking, once the cotte appeared in the 1340s, but the radical changes in men's fashions at the opening of the 15th century necessitated pointing the chausses directly to the cotehardie or doublet. Thus, as chausses grew first longer, and then joined into a single garment, for the first time the braies were worn within another garment. The new garment was cut shorter and tighter, and would continue to shrink over the 15th century until they resembled a cross between a loincloth and modern briefs.

We have replicated a garment from the middle of this transition.Made of a high quality linen that is lighter weight than our 14th c. men's underwear, these braies are designed to be worn with our joined hose without leaving any unflattering bulges or lines. Although closely fit, they allow complete ease of movement, without compromising your comfort. Unlike earlier braies the 15th c. design has a simple fly designed to work with codpiece on our joined hose for easy access in performing 'necessities'.


Photo Gallery 


Left: Our 15th Century Braies worn under Wool Joined Hose and 15th Century Linen Shirt.
Center: Our 15th Century Braies worn with our
15th Century Linen Shirt.
Right: Our 15th Century Braies worn under
Wool Joined Hose and 15th Century Linen Shirt.


Size Chart 


Size Waist Measurement Thigh Circumference Length
Small fits up to 40"/ 101cm 26"/ 66cm 15"/ 38cm
Medium fits up to 44"/ 111cm 28"/ 71cm 15 1/2"/ 39cm
Large fits up to 48" / 122cm 30"/ 76cm 16"/ 40cm


Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after detail of a fresco by Gregorio Franceschino in the Tomb Chapel in the Cathedral of San Giovanni Batista in Monza, Italy circa the first half of the 15th century Detail from fresco by Masalino da Panicale in San Clemente in the chapel of Cadinal Banda inthe Castiglione, Rome Italy circa 1431 Drawing after detail from a fresco by Masolino da Pancale in the Bapistry in the Castiglione Olona, Lombardy, Italy, circa 1437


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