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14th Century Linen Pourpoint

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  • Based on historical patterns for attaching your leg harness
  • Also available- points with metal tips
  • Engineered for ease of motion
  • Made of 100% heavy linen outside and 100% cotton inside
  • Lightly padded at the hip
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, and Blue
  • Available in 4 sizes
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  • Price - Reg. $119.95

Linen Pourpoint in Red worn with Wool Chauses pointed to the Pourpoint, 14th century Shirt , Ribbon Garters and Ankle Boots.

About our Pourpoint 

The development of plate armour required arming clothes to evolve into the foundation to which the armour attached. While the gambeson served this role for arm and body defenses, a closer fitting garment was required to support the leg harness. The exact form of such a garment in the 14th century is unclear but by the early 15th century we have documentation for the 'pourpoint', a garment worn over a linen shirt and under the gambeson. The form of this garment is like that of a sleeveless cotehardie, a garment whose own development coincided with the adoption of plate leg harness. The large armhole follows the lines of the period with the exaggerated lines of the 'grande assiette sleeve'. Therefore, while we can not guarantee this is the exact historical solution for earlier portrayals, we offer it as a reasonable solution based a slightly later period. Our pourpoint is made of heavyweight, 7.5 oz linen and has a medium weight cotton canvas lining. In addition the front, bottom quarter is lightly padded over the hip, providing an extra layer of protection in an area often left unprotected in many styles of harness. Much like a later cotehardie, our pourpoint is meant to be worn very fitted and tightly-laced, so as to support your leg harness at the hip rather than having the stress on your shoulders. We have included two sets of arming points to be used to attach leg harness. This garment also makes a nice accessory worn over shirt, braies and chauses when not on the field. We recommend dry cleaning this item in order to extend its life to a maximum. Linen is a very strong fiber but it is also very brittle. Machine washing and drying will break down the fibers over time.

Read more about our arming clothes in the article The Evolution of Arming Clothes


Photo Gallery 

 Linen Gambeson in Natural worn with a Red Linen Arming Cap, Pourpoint, Burgundy Wool Chauses and Ankle Boots.

Linen Gambeson in Red worn with a Red Pourpoint, Wool Chauses , Ribbon Garters and Ankle Boots.

“The Pourpoint is the answer for supporting Leg Harness.I have the Revival pourpoint.. and I can say without reservation that it is the best, most comfortable,most stable arrangment for holding up leg harness I have ever used, and I have used them all. In 22 years of armoured combat I have never had a harness more comfortable and high performing than I do now.. all due to the Revival Arming Pourpoint.

The key is to have the pourpoint.. **very** tight, the sides of the garment opening should **just** meet when snugged very tight on the hips.. and if you are conventionaly shaped this will mean that the garment *won't* meet over the chest. This is the proper fit IMO, ( this has the added benefit of girdling in your "extra padding" and providing a more svelte profile )

Also you must reinforce the points with leather or fabric patches to ensure the points don't tear out in vigorous combat.

The point placment is perfect for me.. and if you are wearing the proper size they should be ok for most. There must be one point over the rotation point of the side of the hip.. right at the insertion of the hip joint. The other point should be at the center point of the leg harness.

I strongly endorse this product.

Revival clothing has the answer.”

- Brian McIlmoyle A.I. IMAF
Principal Instructor AEMMA
Toronto, Canada

Closeup of our Pourpoint attached with leg armour

Read more about reinforcing your eyelet points

Colors and Fabrics 


Note: Due to the difficulty of representing colors accurately on a variety of monitors we've included color descriptions along with our swatches. Please use both when deciding on what color to order. Also, despite how the colors may appear on your monitor the same color names in Silk and Linen are different and do not exactly coordinate.


Linen colors:  Black, Red and Blue


Red -a true rich red
Blue -a bright royal blue


Size Chart 

Size Waist Measurement
Small laced to meet in the middle 33" / 84cm
Medium laced to meet in the middle 36" / 91cm
Large laced to meet in the middle 41" / 104cm
XLarge laced to meet in the middle 46" / 117cm

Note: This chart is meant as a general reference - and gives the measurements with the pourpoint laced to meet in the middle. Because this garment is laced up it has allot of flexibility in how it fits. It won't precisely lace up to meet in the middle on most people (unless you happen to be that exact size) but that is not necessary in order to fit correctly or look good. Please note that if you are on the cusp between sizes that you generally want to choose a smaller size because the garment is meant to be worn laced very tightly in order to support the leg harness. In other words, it more desirable that there be a gap in front where it laces rather than have it be even a little loose. That way you can lace very tightly from your waist to your hips in order to keep the weight and pull of your leg harness exclusively on your lower body, which is how this garment is designed to be used. If your pourpoint is not laced very tightly around your waist some of the weight of your leg harness can be distributed up to the shoulders, which greatly increases fatigue. Because the armhole is large and the garment is sleeveless the chest measurement is not a factor in fit.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after a detail of an illuminated manuscript circa 1441 in the Nuremburg Museum, Nuremburg, Germany Drawing after manuscript 621 fol. 365 circa 1427-1438 in the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, Paris, France
Drawing after manuscript 988, lat. 17294, fol. 122 verso circa 1430 in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France Drawing after manuscript 5070 fol. 49 verso circa 1440 in The Bibliotheque de l' Arsenal, Paris, France



Revival Clothing neither guarantees nor warrants our clothing for any combat or martial arts related use, since we cannot know how an individual will use the garment or what kind of equipment it will be used in conjunction with. As such, all Revival Clothing products are intended for costume use only.

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