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14th Century Lightweight Shirt

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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Round neckline finished with self bias edging
  • Made in 100% mid-weight Linen
  • All interior seams fully enclosed
  • Tailored, authentic fit
  • Color: White
  • 3 Sizes, M-XL
  • Price: $74.95 (M & L), $84.95 (XL)

Our Lightweight 14th century Shirt worn with 14th century Braies

About our Lightweight Linen Shirt 


Throughout the Middle Ages clothes were worn in layers, with a light linen tunic forming the foundation over which additional linen or wool garments were worn. The exact nature of these earliest garments is unknown, but by the 13th century, they had evolved into a simple, relatively short, white linen shirt. The shirt went through subtle, but important changes in the century that followed, as it evolved to conform to the new, closer-fitting outer garments of men’s fashion. Worn with chausses and braies, this ubiquitous shirt forms the foundational dress of medieval man, from duke to cotter.

When worn under the tunic and supertunic of the period, this shirt would have all but disappeared from view, except perhaps at the collar. Fortunately, the shirt of this time well represented in surviving artwork. This version of our shirt is lighter weight and more closely tailored than our 14th Century Heavyweight Shirt and has a simple round neckline finished with self-bias edge. Its made of 100% mid-weight 5.5 oz linen and is ideal for use as an under-layer for civilian and arming clothes. For a more generously cut, heavy weight version of the medieval shirt see our 14th Century Heavyweight Shirt.


Photo Gallery 



Front and Back views of our Lightweight 14th century Shirt worn with 14th century Braies


Size Chart 


Size Chest Measurement
Medium 40" / 102cm
Large 48" / 127cm
Extra Large 56" / 142cm

Note: Our 14th century shirt is meant to fit loosely in the chest and flare from there down to the hem. The chest measurements given are that of the shirt itself so you should choose a size that is somewhat bigger than your actual chest measurement. Typically, we recommend the shirt be 2-4" bigger than your chest measurement for an authentic and comfortable fit.


Our Design 



Historical Inspirations 


Drawing after a detail from the Maciejowski Bible circa 1250 Pierpont Morgan Library New York City, USA   Drawing after details from Grande Heures de Rohan circa 1415 Bibliotheque National, Paris, France
Drawing after an early 14th century manuscript Bibliotheque National, Paris, France Drawing after the painted ceiling of the Hall of Justice in the Alhambra circa 1354 Grenada, Spain Drawing after Martyrology of Usard circa 1270 Bibliotheque National, Paris, France

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