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Clearance Sale! 14th-15th century Mens Brocade Buttoned Cotehardie

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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • Made in a variety of Tapestry patterns
  • Patterned using the period Grande Assiette armhole so popular in our Arming Cotte
  • Lined in 100% Cotton
  • No visible machine stitching
  • Front buttoned closure with long row of pewter buttons
  • Fully tailored sleeve with long buttoned cuff to elbow
  • Flattering and authentic fit
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Price: Reg. $224.95  now on sale for $149.95- That's a savings of $75!
  • Clearance items are final sale only

Our Buttoned Cotehardie pattern #05 worn with
Cotton Joined Hose and Thigh High Boots

About our Mens Buttoned Cotehardie  


Our men's cotehardie is based on contemporary artwork, specifically the splendid examples in the Lancelot du Lac manuscript (circa 1380). This magnificently illustrated rendition of Chretien de Troyes' account of the quest for the Grail, was produced for the court of Bernarbo Visconti, Count of Milan, and it remains one the most cherished pictorial sources for fashion, arms, and armour in aristocratic courts of the late 14th century.

The cotehardies depicted in Lancelot are of a classic form that was particularly popular in northern Italy and France during the last quarter of the 14th century: short and closely fitted, with a long torso and a flare at the hips. There is a short, standing collar, distinctive to the last quarter of the century. The arms have a grand assiette arm-hole and are generously full to the elbow, at which point they significantly taper to follow the line of the forearm. The sleeve buttons from elbow to the cuff with cast, metal buttons, as is depicted in the manuscript. We have followed contemporary artwork by seaming the sleeve at the elbow and making the lower sleeve out of a contrasting color of fabric. This gives the garment a particularly distinctive, and dressier, look.

The Lancelot manuscript depicts the clothing of a royal court, and their real-world counterparts would have been cut and sewn to fit each customer. Because they are a very difficult garment to fit "off the rack", we have departed from what is illustrated in two instances, using other contemporary design elements to provide a more adjustable and comfortable fit. The first alteration is a small slit in the side seam of each hem, allowing a greater freedom of motion when sitting or walking. Similar examples can be seen in a variety of French, English and Italian sources, such as the Epistre au roi Richart of Phillipe de Mezieres (1395), and illustrated in the manuscript il Fior di Battaglia of Fiore dei Liberi (1409). The most notable example, and one of the earliest, is the surviving cotehardie or "pourpoint" of Charles of Blois (circa 1364).

Our other alteration is the garment's closure. While these are universally buttoned in the Lancelot manuscript, this again requires customers to either have a tailored garment, or to wear their cotehardie with a loose fit. Not satisfied with this, we have chosen to use the same front-lacing that has made our contemporary Agincourt Arming Cotte so popular with fighters, and allows a better fit for a wider variety of body-types. Although less-common with the aristocracy after mid-century, lacing was common amongst the gentry and knightly class well into the 1380s. Sources include the Coronation Book of Charles V (1365), Helie du Borron's Roman du roi Meliadus de Leonnoys (1362) and the Bible of Jean de Sy (1378). Front-lacing is also referred to textually in the household roles of Bernarbo Visconti (circa 1375) and the writing of Geoffrey Chaucer.


Photo Gallery 



Our Buttoned Cotehardie pattern #02 worn with
Cotton Joined Hose and Thigh High Boots

Three views of our Buttoned Cotehardie pattern #07 worn with
Cotton Joined Hose and Laced Ankle Boots


Colors and Fabrics 


Pattern #01

Pattern #02

Pattern #03

Pattern #04

Pattern #05

Pattern #06

Pattern #07

Pattern #08

Pattern #09

Pattern #10


Size Chart 


Size Chest Measurement Waist Measurement
Medium 36"/ 91cm 35"/ 89cm
Large 41"/ 104cm 40"/ 102cm
XLarge 46"/ 117cm
45"/ 115cm
XXLarge 51"/ 129cm 50"/ 127cm


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