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12th- 13th Century Mens Long Tunic

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  • Based on contemporary artwork
  • The perfect under layer for 12th century supertunic or wear alone as a long tunic/ gown
  • No visible machine stitching
  • Made in 100% Linen
  • All interior seams finished
  • One size fits most- contact us for custom sizing
  • Yards of Linen for an regal, draped look
  • Price: $134.95
Our Long Tunic in Blue worn with our Ankle Boots, Turret Hat, and Decorated Sword Belt

About our Long Tunic 


From late Antiquity through the early 14th century, the basic male ensemble for all levels of society was a combination of a linen shirt or tunic worn under a second, colored tunic or dalmatic; only size, fullness of cut, sumptuousness of fabric and detail of decoration denoting any real difference in status. In the 11th century the tunic began to grower longer and fuller, a trend that continued with the ankle-length bliauts and dalmatics that were popular with men in the 12th century. We have chosen to produce a style of long, shaped but flowing tunic popular in Europe during this period and throughout most of the Byzantine era. Made of 100%  linen, this tunic a comfortable garment that can be worn by itself or under a supertunic.


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A back view of our Long Tunic

Our Long Tunic in blue worn with our Linen SupertunicAnkle Boots,Turret Hat, and Decorated Sword Belt 


Size Chart 


Size Chest Measurement Waist Length (from shoulder)

One size fits up to 54" / 137cm fits up to 50" / 127cm 51" / 130cm

Note: We give the general sizing guidelines on our 12th century Undertunic because it is meant to fit loosely for a flowing silhouette when worn under our Supertunic and belted to complete the look (as shown in our photos). The length given is that of the Underertunic unbelted. Please note that although the size given is quite generous once belted this style looks very good on smaller and larger folks and those in between, as can be seen on our models.

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